Why are flowers so important at a wedding?

Floral arrangements are very important at a wedding, as it gives us an ideal setting for an excellent decoration.

Which they choose depending on the theme, the place, time of year, if it is day, night, etc.

Usually, they are chosen in light or white tones, but today you can choose from pink, blue, cream, peach, or more intense colors for an evening event and more stylized.

 There are different floral arrangements at the party, the one for the bride and groom’s table, which is usually much larger and longer and almost always has the bride and groom’s favorite flowers. The flowers for the centerpieces, these are chosen depending on the theme of the event and can be simple or very elaborate arrangements.

The flowers of the decoration, these are placed in the place of the ceremony and in the place of the event giving a touch of happiness and intimacy to the place, which together with the appropriate lighting will positively mark your party.