How to choose the right table linen for your event?

Every detail counts in the organization of your wedding and none should go unnoticed. The choice of table linen is one of them, and that is why below we give some tips that can help you choose.

• Having a budget for this will help us a lot to avoid falling into unforeseen or exorbitant expenses, that is why it is important to write it down from the beginning of planning.

• Within planning it is important to know the place where the event will take place and thus choose what best suits our space and not oversaturate a table with elements.

• The choice of table linen is very important, and it must be considered whether it is day or night, a closed or open place, remembering that bright colors contrast in a garden event.

• Define the characteristics of the tablecloths, it must have the same theme as the decoration of the place and not clash or oversaturate, consider the colors of the wedding, and do not get carried away by your favorites, choose the ideal tablecloth for your wedding, not just for you.

• Another important issue is the type of tables where you place the guests and offer the menu. Although the round ones tend to stand out in almost all celebrations of this type, lately more alternatives are offered with other styles and shapes, so define this point and choose the correct table linens.